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Forest-related Information-technology

The Information Technology Department is responsible for setting up and operating the PCs at the workstations, the software and network used, and the central databases at the LWF.

Furthermore, in collaboration with other departments, LWF-IT-experts are providing conceptual work and development of specialized applications, especially in the areas of databases and WebGIS. For the topics Forest Remote Sensing, Bavarian Forest Information System (BayWIS) and Geografical Information-Systems (GIS), the IT-department at LWF is the central office of the Bavarian Forestry Administration. Within the framework of projects, the technical developments in these areas are constantly monitored, shaped and applied in an application-oriented manner.

Our topics

Forest Remote Sensing


As a central body for remote sensing issues in the Bavarian Forestry Administration, the LWF is always on the cutting edge of current technological developments. The department supports and initiates LWF projects by using remote sensing data and participates in remote sensing projects with external partners.  

Bavarian Forest Information System (BayWIS)


The overall objective of the Bavarian Forest Information System "BayWIS" is to gradually build up a comprehensive, modular and GIS-based forest information system for the entire range of tasks of the Bavarian Forestry Administration. 

Geografical Information System (GIS)

GIS Startseite

The Bavarian State Institute for Forestry and Forestry is the central body for the geodata management of the Bavarian Forestry Administration.